Take your Asset Management program to the next level with a highly configurable set of applications designed to better connect your data, process, and people.

ENGAGE: Asset Optimization is a set of software products designed to work together to make your asset management, asset performance management, and asset investment planning processes more effective. Spanning across multiple functional areas, these applications better connect the different departments within your organization, allowing better decisions to be made. There are 5 core modules within the ENGAGE: Asset Optimization product designed to work together and add needed optimization to your existing big box enterprise systems (EAM, ERP, etc.)


We believe that your software should be aligned with your business process allowing you to achieve your desires results and objectives. That’s why ENGAGE is designed to be highly configurable to match your process. We understand that everyone has different data and different processes for analyzing that data. That’s why ENGAGE has a robust API allowing you to see all of your data in one place, allowing you to make decisions more efficiently. Finally, we know your people are at the core of what you do – without them it wouldn’t be possible. ENGAGE allows them to be more efficient, make better decisions, and enjoy their work.