ENGAGE: Strategy

Optimize costs and reliability by continuously improving maintenance strategies.  

ENGAGE: Strategy is the connection between engineering, work management, and maintenance. Centralize, summarize, and leverage your equipment and Preventative Maintenance (PM) data for better decision making. Identify outliers with established templates and strategies while assessing the impact of changes from a risk and annualized cost breakdown.

Optimize the way you already work

Every ENGAGE application is designed to optimize the way you already work, not force you to change to fit our software.  Every implementation project begins by understanding what you’re doing today – what’s working and what isn’t – and optimizing your current practices. We then use our low-code platform to quickly configure ENGAGE to match the agreed upon process, connect to your other data, and ensure you have the right workflows and outputs to do your job well.

Case Study: Nuclear PM Change Process

How a Nuclear Utility Saved Time and Money by Updating Their Preventative Maintenance Change Request Process.

Simplify Maintenance Strategy Analysis

Analyzing data and making decisions  based on EAM/CMMS systems alone is difficult. It’s challenging to view multiple pieces of information at once, and you’re usually forced to rely on external reporting or manually create spreadsheets to access data of interest.

ENGAGE: Strategy combines data to be action-oriented, saving you time across engineering, maintenance, and operations. It pulls together and presents information to drive analysis and action.

Streamline PM Modifications

Documenting the scope and technical justification of a PM Change is not straightforward.  It requires a procedure-driven form to obtain the appropriate level of detail, and it can be difficult to ensure data is accurate. 

ENGAGE: Strategy facilitates PM changes with dynamic forms that walk users through collecting the right information prior to routing the request for approval. You spend less time compiling information and have fewer errors. At any point, stakeholders can run (or receive) a report showing the status of all changes that might impact their work.

Quantify the impact of PM changes

An important metric of the PM Change process is the cost variance from implementation. This cost is very difficult to assess without manually sourcing and compiling data from multiple systems. ENGAGE: Strategy tracks costs at the PM level and annualized impact is calculated with the PM change request. You spend less time calculating costs savings, and can more easily make the case for a PM change to leadership.

Automate maintenance strategy evaluations

It’s common to use craft feedback in adjusting the maintenance strategy for a component, but this process is usually very inefficient – it’s difficult to determine what is valid and what further action is needed. With ENGAGE: Strategy, maintenance strategy evaluations can be automatically created based on any number of inputs – changes to component classifications, templates, or completed work order fields and feedback like the ‘as found’ condition code. This allows for more rapid improvement which reduces maintenance costs faster.

Better PM Forecasting

Most PM programs only generate the next instance of a given PM performance as a work order, making it difficult to effectively plan resources to complete the work beyond that. E-Strategy overlays your projected PM performances with resource capacity for a comprehensive understanding of capacity and demand further into the future, giving you more time to adjust to resource constraints. 

Feature Summary