SF6 Monitoring

Transform Tracking, Compliance, and Efficiency 

Efficiently managing your SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride) filled assets and reducing emissions is now within reach. With our comprehensive SF6 Monitoring solution, you can effortlessly manage, monitor, and update your SF6 inventory and produce compliance reporting on-demand with the push of a button. From installed SF6-filled assets to the management of cylinders, gas calls, leak tracking, compliance requirements,  coupled with robust reporting capabilities, we have you covered every step of the way. 

SF6 Asset Management Made Effortless

Gain complete control over your SF6 asset inventory, whether the assets are automatically imported from your asset registry or managed directly within our user-friendly module. Keep track of SF6 capacity, equipment installations and retirements, management of SF6 bottles and gas carts including cylinder check-ins, returns, and transfers to different locations seamlessly. With our solution’s meticulous record-keeping capabilities, you can effortlessly stay on top of your SF6 inventory, ensuring compliance and contributing to emissions reduction efforts.

Case Study: Transforming SF6 Management

How a Large Electric Transmission Company Achieved Lower Emissions, Time Savings, and Cost Efficiency

Efficient Gas Calls and Reclaiming Processes

Say goodbye to manual and error-prone gas tracking. Our SF6 Monitoring solution allows you to accurately track when gas is added to equipment, facilitating better planning and maintenance. Moreover, it enables you to handle gas reclamation, whether temporary or permanent, ensuring optimal utilization of resources and minimizing waste.

Identify and Manage Leaks with Precision

Detecting and resolving leaks promptly is essential for environmental compliance, reliability, and safety. Our solution provides robust leak tracking capabilities, consolidating all leak information into a centralized system. From identifying new leaks to managing their life-cycle through all stages such as planning, scheduling, monitoring, repair, and closure, you can effectively link leaks to work orders or outages for timely resolution.  In addition, the solution can be used to predict when SF6 top-off is necessary, eliminating expensive off-hour call outs and reducing the probability of breaker trip or lock-out due to low SF6 gas pressure.


Streamlined Compliance and Reporting

Simplify compliance procedures and reporting obligations with our SF6 Monitoring solution. Capture inputs related to gas calls, new and retired equipment, temporary gas storage, cylinder transfers, and weighing of existing cylinders effortlessly. Leverage our built-in reports or create custom reports using our E-Report feature, enabling you to generate comprehensive emissions reports for any given month or year. 

Reports Page on software dashboard

Experience the Full Potential of SF6 Monitoring

Unleash the power of streamlined SF6 management with our cutting-edge solution. From optimizing your SF6 assets to ensuring compliance, minimizing leaks, reducing emissions, and generating insightful reports, our comprehensive platform revolutionizes your operations. Empower your team with the tools they need to excel in SF6 tracking, compliance, and efficiency. 

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Ready to transform your SF6 management? Contact us today to learn more about SF6 Monitoring or request a personalized demonstration. 

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