The collection of information related to the ongoing System and Program Health Monitoring processes is critical to the ongoing reliability of a plant.

ENGAGE: Health™ eliminates the tedious tasks of searching multiple systems for relevant data, and simplifies Health Report generation - allowing more time to focus on performing core engineering duties.


The ENGAGE™ platform provides a consistent and centralized data repository, which used throughout the software. Activity Review Lists are configured by software administrators to organize relevant information for System and Program Engineers as a focused “Inbox” of items such as Work Orders and Corrective Actions. As items are evaluated for applicability to System or Program health, additional information can be collected to determine importance/priority, or whether the item should be further evaluated as a System or Program Issue. Throughout ENGAGE: Health™, users can link items by searching on identifiers or keywords.


Multiple Scorecards can be configured, consisting of Performance Indicators that are designed to measure and track the health of a System or Program. ENGAGE: Health™ provides administrators with the ability to configure indicator data sources that serve the basis for an indicator score. The indicator scores roll up to an Overall System or Program Health score, which is stored at regular intervals for historical.


Components that are in scope of the Predictive Maintenance program are managed within ENGAGE: Health™ by tracking and trending Predictive Maintenance Technology test results. An overall PdM assessment is maintained and is inherently incorporated in the overall Maintenance Basis for the component. Flexible search capabilities and dynamic result views allow for focused analysis. PdM Test Types can be automated from external sources by leveraging the ENGAGE Platform API to provide up-to-date results.


Document the current issues impacting your System / Program by capturing key information related to the problem and resolution plan. Directly relate items for reference, or as part of the resolution Action Plan. Action Plan Items are inherently linked to existing documents, such as Work Orders or Corrective Actions, and are updated automatically when source information changes such as Status or Schedule Date.


Built on Endevor’s ENGAGE Platform, ENGAGE: Health™ features drag-and-drop report creation, user-configurable dashboards and searches, and the ability to control input fields, layouts and workflows - give you the control and flexibility you need to manage a continuously improving process.