Effortlessly Transform your Asset Planning Process

Configurable, Connected, Intuitive. ENGAGE: Investment Planning is a configurable asset investment planning platform that meets you where you are on your asset management journey and evolves as your processes mature. 


ENGAGE: Investment Planning is an Asset Investment Planning software solution comprised of five scalable modules – Risk Management, Funding Request Tracking & Approvals, Asset Management Plans, Long-Range Planning, and Project Management – that provide a comprehensive approach to Asset Investment Planning. These 5 modules can be used together or individually based on your organization’s specific needs and requirements. The solution is easy to use and centralizes all your asset data and processes, allowing you to make more informed decisions with confidence and speed. 

Built on our low-code software platform, ENGAGE: Investment Planning can easily be configured to match your specific asset management processes, making it easy to integrate your existing data and workflows while reducing change management requirements. Whether you simply want to use ENGAGE: Investment Planning to centralize and organize your information, or you’re ready to take the next step in your asset management journey, our software is configurable and flexible enough to adapt to your needs along the way. The intuitive and user-friendly design allows users to navigate the platform with ease and minimal instruction, making it an ideal solution for businesses that want to see quick results and maximize their ROI.

Risk Management

Take Control of Potential Risks

Proactively manage long-term issues and effectively mitigate risk by utilizing an integrated risk process that seamlessly links to capital planning and asset health. Compare alternatives and determine the best solution by analyzing risks, benefits, and cash flows. Complete risk assessments, tracking mitigation and bridging strategies while ensuring the most impactful risks are addressed. The configurable issue ranking feature aligns with your existing process and guides users through the ranking process, ensuring prioritization of issues in a step-by-step manner.


Funding Requests

Software that knows your approval process 

Streamline the process of identifying issues, building business cases, and obtaining approvals for funding. The configurable workflows and forms allow you to gather accurate and relevant information at the right time, reducing administrative burdens and improving operational efficiency. Based on data collected, ENGAGE will automatically select the required approvals and routings for the request.  

Asset Management Plans

Living Asset Management Plans 

Stop creating static Asset Management Plans that go on the shelf until the next update. With ENGAGE, you can create a dynamic asset management plan that updates in real-time as new data is collected by the system. This ensures that the information is always up-to-date, eliminating the need for manual updates and reducing the risk of human error. The module’s self-service capability allows users to access the most current version without delay, improving operational efficiency. Additionally, the module’s ability to tie actions and outcomes to other processes facilitates a more seamless planning process. 

Long Range Planning

Living Long-Range Plans 

Whether you are planning for a 5-10 year window or for the end-of-life of equipment 40+ years away, our Long Range Planning tool has the capability to integrate relevant data and create accurate long-range plans. By combining actual project costs with forecasts and potential project values, organizations can get a complete and accurate view of spending and can make informed decisions about which projects to prioritize.

 Users can determine which projects should be included in the plan and make bulk changes to authorized amounts or timings to quickly update the plan as things change. The module offers a customizable project ranking algorithm that enables administrators to set their own prioritization elements, compare projects, and optimize spending.   

Project Management

One platform for Project Managers 

The project management module simplifies all aspects of project management, making your team more productive and your work less stressful. The platform provides a central hub for all project-related activities, enabling project managers to access financial information, project schedules, and documents in one place. By integrating asset investment planning and involving project managers upstream, the solution reduces the risk of surprises and enables better decision-making. Simplify your project management processes and focus on what matters most – delivering successful projects.