Asset Hub

Simplify Access to Important Asset Information

Asset Hub: A dynamic, web-based solution that provides fast and secure access to maintenance and technical information that will benefit the entire organization.

The Importance of Asset Information

An effective asset management program requires abundant and accurate asset information that is readily available on-demand, encouraging the active participation of key stakeholders across the organization. Asset information relevant to decision making can reside in many places, one main source of data being the work management system. Unfortunately, many decision makers, such as Engineering, Operations, and Procurement, have minimal experience using work management systems that are typically not user-friendly. This severely inhibits their ability to find, utilize, or contribute to the quality and quantity of asset-related information. The overall result is a less effective asset management system.

Enhancing Access to Asset Information

Providing the organization with easy access to retrieve, review, add, and amend asset information improves data quality, decision making, and strengthens business processes. Over the course of the asset lifecycle (design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance, health assessment, and eventual replacement), asset information is generated by many stakeholders. This often comes from various, independent processes and systems. Engage Asset Hub provides access to all that information in a simple, user-friendly, GIS and mobile-enabled, web portal.

Easy Deployment

Engage Asset Hub is designed for hassle-free deployment. It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems and processes. With its user-friendly interface, your team can start using it with minimal training. The deployment options include on-premise and cloud-based solutions, ensuring flexibility to meet your organization’s specific needs.


Ensuring the security of your asset information is our top priority. Engage Asset Hub leverages industry-standard secure web services, providing a robust security framework. All software interfaces are built using standard Application Programming Interface (API) protocols. User access is centrally administered through the Engage platform administration, allowing you to control and configure user access and data accessibility according to your organization’s security policies. This ensures that only authorized employees have access to sensitive asset information, enhancing data security.

Benefits of Asset Hub

Engage Asset Hub delivers a wide range of benefits to your organization, including improved asset nameplate information, a more accurate and complete asset registry, a centralized repository for all asset-related documents and images, the sharing of valuable operating experiences, enhanced work planning capabilities, improved documentation of work performed, and active engagement of stakeholders in asset management processes. These advantages collectively contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of your asset management efforts, leading to better decision-making and streamlined operations.

Feature Summary