ENGAGE: Finance

for Project Management

A comprehensive solution that simplifies all aspects of project management, making your team more productive and your work less stressful.

Never miss another deliverable.

Each project has a configurable lists of tasks and milestones that are driven by the attributes of the project (portfolio, funding type, complexity, etc.) Each task can either be completed by filling out information within the application (including approvals), attaching a file, or associating data from another application.

Project meetings are facilitated by the software, allowing you track actions items that come up and ensure they are completed on time.

Track every dollar.

The project checkbook allows you to manage the budget, forecast, and review actual costs for each project.  Line items have human descriptions which can then be mapped to the appropriate charging objects behind the scenes making it easier to track what you’re actually spending money on. “What if” scenarios can be created and then copied to the forecast or budget as needed.  Transactions are synchronized from the General Ledger every night and automatically assigned to the appropriate line item based on a configurable mapping algorithm.  Manage funding change requests and approvals directly in the software to ensure any changes are aligned with the rest of the portfolio. 

All workflows, forms, tasks, and action items can be configured to match your current processes where needed and use best practices for items you want to improve.

All of your data in one place.

With all of your project financial, milestone, and administrative information in one place, it’s easy to manage every aspect of your projects and portfolio.  Understand the impacts of timeline or cost changes to one project across the portfolio.  Stop searching for files or creating reports for executives.  With all the data in one place and no user licenses, all data is self-service – allowing people to run their own reports and get their own information.

Measure what matters, even as things change.

ENGAGE’s robust KPI engine is included, allowing for administrative control over performance indicators at the project, portfolio, and department level. Indicators can run automatically from project information, or from other data sources (such as injuries from an event tracking system). They can also be manually updated by users through the monthly close process for more subjective indicators.  Users can subscribe to projects or indicators to be notified if data appears for a KPI or if the status of a KPI changes. 

Putting you at the center of your work.

Every element of ENGAGE – from the customizable and configurable dashboard and report engine to the notification process – is designed to make you the center of your work. We connect your process and data in a way that makes your team more productive.  Every feature is intuitive and geared towards helping you achieve results. We want you to work the way you work, not to change what you’re doing to fit a software.  

Feature Summary