A properly managed long-term asset management process is essential for the safe, reliable, and cost-effective operation of a plant. 

ENGAGE: LCM™ allows you to take control of long-term issues with unmatched flexibility as your process continues to improve.


As Issues are identified, users can compare any number of alternative solutions, including analysis of risks, benefits, and cash flows for each, to determine the best strategy to mitigate an Issue. Once an issue and its alternatives are created, users can initiate the processes for ranking and prioritization, alternative selection, and committee approval. Milestones, attachments, and associated items, such as action requests and work orders, can all be managed on an issue.


ENGAGE: LCM™ provides a configurable issue ranking feature, which ensures alignment with your existing process and with future changes. Users are guided step-by-step through the ranking process to come up with the importance or prioritization for an Issue. As the ranking process changes over time, administrators may choose to apply the new ranking criteria to previously-created issues, or to maintain the current ranking value based on the previous revision.


ENGAGE: LCM™ can be integrated with existing work management, equipment reliability, or financial software to seamlessly give you a full picture of your long-term asset management initiatives. Additional ENGAGE™ modules such as ENGAGE: PCM™ (Project Management), ENGAGE: BPT™ (Budget tracking), or ENGAGE: Health™ (System and Plant Health) can be installed on the same platform, giving you a comprehensive picture of plant or financial performance in one place.


Built on Endevor’s ENGAGE™ Platform, ENGAGE: LCM™ features drag-and-drop report creation, user-configurable dashboards, and the ability to control input fields, layouts, and workflows, giving you the control and flexibility you need to manage a continuously improving process.