A living Maintenance Basis program is imperative for plant reliability and maintenance optimization.


ENGAGE: Strategy™ streamlines the Maintenance Basis Optimization processes by consolidating work management and PM information into a comprehensive picture to support effective decision making.


Document the source of maintenance activities and frequency of work tasks by establishing a living maintenance basis strategy for components and PMs. ENGAGE: Strategy™ provides intuitive user interface controls for Equipment Grouping, Advanced Searching, and Comparisons of components and work across multiple sites. Flexible integration with Work Management, Corrective Action and ER processes for System/Program Health and Life Cycle Management establishes a complete basis. PM Change Requests are facilitated by Streamlined Workflow and Approval controls, and also demonstrate the Cost Impact of the change. Cost Savings are automatically annualized in the software and reporting metrics show the cumulative impact of changes over time.


Identify your most critical assets and vulnerabilities through the Component Classification process. ENGAGE: Strategy™ provides a simple user “walk through” to capture Component Classification including Criticality, Duty Cycle, Service Condition and the identification of Single Point Vulnerability Components by answering a set of questions that become the basis. Component classification changes are revision controlled and a powerful bulk updating tool allows privileged users to update 100s of components at once.


Pre-load or establish your PM Templates, organized by Component Type (PUMPS, VALVES, BREAKERS, etc.) and include the identification of Failure Mechanisms, Boundary Definition and PM Tasks with Frequency. Frequencies are further defined based on Component Classification designation, driven by Criticality, Duty Cycle and Service Condition. Additional supporting information is included such as Operating Experience and Attachments/Links.


Evaluate planned work before and after it is performed. Advanced searching and flexible result views allow for efficient reviews, combining data from Work Management and other applicable processes. Supporting views are easily available for components including PM/CM History, PMCRs, Corrective Actions and Maintenance Basis. Work Order Evaluation and Challenge forms are configured directly within the software, and the ENGAGE workflow and approval controls help organize information for efficient work week and review board meetings.