Drag, drop, done. Work planning and scheduling that is easy to use, matches your process, and works with your existing platforms.

Usability means productivity

Your big box work management system is designed to store data, not do work. This makes it difficult to plan, schedule, and assign work. Software is supposed to reduce the resources required to get work done, not require additional people just to run the application. With its modern user interface, E-Plan is the easiest way to plan and schedule work, allowing you to focus on more important things. The best part is that it works with your existing work management platform, so you don't have to worry about the cost and pain of switching your entire operation.

Match your process

Every E-Plan implementation begins by understanding what you’re doing today – what’s working and what isn’t – and optimizing your current practices. We configure E-Plan to match the agreed upon process, connect to your other information systems, and ensure you have the right workflows and outputs to do your job well.

User Experience is Critical to Asset Management

How ConEdison improved productivity by 50% focusing on better processes, data transparency, and more effective tools to collect and analyze data.

Schedule work faster

Quickly schedule work without having to open another screen or application.  All the information you need to schedule the work is contained on the page including resource availability (driven by time off, training, and other commitments), estimates, and requirements.

The work order schedule can also be driven from external tools like Primavera or other project management applications.  Review available hours and optimize the schedule within the week to ensure you’re maximizing resource usage.

Better plans lead to better work

Work order planning details example

The more detailed the work plan, the more likely the work will be done correctly and on-time the first time. E-Plan will read the work order information from your work management system and allow you to create a detailed job plan including job steps, required tools, materials, proficiencies/qualifications, and plan days to better determine the time and crew required to do the work.

Create work order templates that can be manually or automatically assigned based on the attributes of the work order, then modified to fit the specifics of that job. Leverage E-Plan’s configurable routing and approval process to ensure plans are checked and approved before being dispatched.

The right people on the right jobs

Easily assigned to the right individuals each day or week using the drag and drop assignment sheet.  Training, time off, and other blocks are automatically pulled in from other systems to get a realistic picture of who is available.  As work orders are assigned to resources, the color will change letting you know that the right resources have bene assigned. 

E-Plan tracks proficiencies and qualifications, so you can be sure that the right people are assigned to the right jobs.  Pay codes and expenses can be tracked from the assignment sheet to facilitate automatic timecard entries. 

Stop filling out timecards

Timecard example

E-Plan can automatically fill out each employee’s timecard based on the daily assignment sheets.  It validates that an employee has entered their time along with the right work order and account numbers.  Completed timecards are then pushed to payroll systems, eliminating the need for manual timecard completion each week.

If your current HR platform does not have a vacation request and approval system, use E-Plan to submit and approve vacation requests to see the impact on upcoming or scheduled work.

Real-time data in the field


E-Plan includes Mobile Field Manager which communicates dispatched work orders directly to your mobile devices (tablets, phones, etc.) to keep your team current on last minute changes.

Feature Summary