50.69 Assessment (10CFR50.69)

Your comprehensive solution for seamless 10CFR50.69 compliance, data-driven reassessment, and efficient safety categorization.

In a world where reassessment is a necessity, the E-Strategy 50.69 Extension is your strategic advantage. Every two operating cycles, the reassessment process looms, demanding your attention. But why endure the hassle of navigating change when you can have all your data at your fingertips? This extension empowers you to streamline the reassessment process, and it's not just cost-effective; it's your permanent solution. If you're approaching your reassessment cycle and already using one of our platforms, you're in a prime position to make your process more efficient and cost-effective. With the E-Strategy 50.69 Extension, we're not just offering software; we're providing a strategic advantage for organizations that want to stay ahead of the curve and make reassessment a breeze. Your data-driven future starts here.

Comprehensive Data at Your Fingertips

This 50.69 Extension places comprehensive data at your fingertips. No more sifting through reports or struggling with numbers. Your equipment data integrates seamlessly from your source work management system into a dynamic Master Equipment List, ensuring it’s always up-to-date and comprehensive. For organizations that value data-driven decision-making, this extension is an invaluable investment in the future. 

Efffortless Integrations

Seamless integrations ensure that both imports and exports are a breeze. Simplify the PRA (Probabilistic Risk Assessment) import process using our standard Excel template. This data is crucial for your 50.69 Categorization result. Configure outbound Views that align perfectly with your integration architecture, enhancing efficiency and making data flow effortlessly through your systems.  

Streamline Approval Process and User Management​

The 50.69 Extension goes beyond simplifying the 50.69 Categorization process. Facilitate digital approval records according to your workflow and easily manage users, roles, and permissions, all with the peace of mind that authorization is efficiently handled by Application Administrators. 

Simplified Categorization​

Streamline the 50.69 Categorization process with our walkthrough feature. Evaluate components step-by-step, ensuring every detail is electronically recorded. 

Reporting and Documentation​​​

Easily create custom reports with no IT expertise required. Data Views can be configured to your specific needs. Generate the System Categorization Document (SCD) effortlessly, including required Appendices, all aligned with specific export formats. 

Seamless Component and Attribute Management​

Evaluate critical attributes seamlessly, aided by the intuitive search criteria and function grouping. Effortlessly modify data, whether you’re tending to a single component or implementing bulk changes. Decisively answer qualitative questions to determine a component’s High Safety Significance (HSS) or Low Safety Significance (LSS), ensuring the human element remains central to safety designations. Simplify stress calculations and pipe segment management, enabling you to intuitively determine passive safety significance.  

Robust Evaluation and Classification​

The software computes the overall RISC (Risk-Informed Safety Classification) value for each component, grounded in the 50.69 Evaluation process. Create Design Basis Events and associate them with functions. Record specific Core Damage Defense in Depth (DID)  responses for each component, all contributing to the 50.69 Evaluation.

Effective Function Scoping and Management

Easily categorize functions, including System, Maintenance Rule, UFSAR, and PRA, providing you with a clear understanding of their applicability. 

In choosing the E-Strategy 50.69 Extension, you’re not merely embracing software; you’re unlocking a holistic solution that streamlines your processes, empowers your team, and secures your future in an ever-evolving landscape. Your data-driven journey starts here. 

Feature Summary