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Flexible, Efficient, Accurate.  Illuminate is a flexible software solution that is configured to match your Access Authorization and Fitness for Duty processes reducing in processing time, regulatory impact, and administrative burden.

Illuminate™ is a highly configurable web-based application to help nuclear utilities more effectively manage their Access Authorization, and Fitness for Duty programs and processes.  Illuminate is easy to use and features the largest set of built-in integrations in the industry, ensuring your team is spending less time on low-value work and more time focusing on the tasks that matter.

Access Requests

The Access Request Module reduces administrative burden with a simple walkthrough for employees to request various types of access at one or many nuclear power plants and works in tandem with the other Illuminate modules to provide the ability to request and process UA/UAA, In-Processing, OCA, and other specialized access types.

Request Approval and Routing

Streamline the approval and routing process by allowing any user within the nuclear company to request access for an individual. Requests will automatically be routed to the appropriate supervisor or approver to ensure that requests are approved by the appropriate personnel.


Batch Requests

Minimize the overwhelming administrative burden of many identical requests by requesting multiple individuals at the same time, which are then routed and approved together.


Dynamic Access Types

Provide unique access types with the ability to customize and add access types as needed.


Employee Portal

Empower employees to request various types of access, including UA, UAA, OCA, and Safeguards, through the Employee Portal.

Personal History Questionnaires

The PHQ module simplifies the process of collecting Personal History Questionnaires with a configurable step-by-step form for collecting information, managing distribution, and monitoring status and progress through completion.

Instant Validation and Confirmation

Eliminate human performance error traps with self-verifying software that ensures proper field completion, required history based on PHQ type, and calls out any periods of unaccounted time.


Simplify the Verification Process

Streamline PHQ data exchange and send PHQ data to background investigators automatically with Illuminate Investigations, saving time and improving accuracy. 


Get a Head Start on Your Next Outage

Accelerate contractor in-processing with a simple and intuitive interface that provides the ability to complete the PHQ prior to on-site arrival on their own device.


Your PHQ, Your Process

Customize your PHQ with a robust set of tools that allow power users to update different elements of the PHQ as company or industry requirements change, maintaining all historic records in the process.


Background Investigations

The Background Investigations Module of Illuminate provides a portal for nuclear background investigators to receive and complete background investigations for a nuclear utility. It is equipped with integrated logic to validate the NEI guidelines for gaps in employment, developed reference requirements, and industry background types and is integrated with the PHQ to eliminate duplicate data entry.

Access Authorization

The Access Authorization module streamlines the process of requesting, granting, and maintaining UAA / UA for Individuals within a nuclear utility.

Granting Access

Securely grant access to individuals considering appropriate checks for PDI, access holds, and activity and training completions.

Potentially Disqualifying Information (PDI) Tracking

Record and adjudicate PDI at any point in the process of attaining or maintaining unescorted access through both manual and automated PDI identification.

Activity and Badge Tracking

Track all required activities for each background type and prevent granting access until all activities are completed favorably. Track badge numbers for individuals holding access managing whether badges are unassigned, assigned, lost, or broken.

Visitors / Escorted Access

Accommodate visitor requests and approvals with security check-in and tracking of visitors in the protected area.

Automated Reviews

Expedite the review process with automatic notifications for both 30-day and supervisor reviews. Every 30 days, supervisors will be notified to review all individuals holding UAA/UA and request changes to their individual’s access records. Once a year, supervisors will be notified to compete their supervisor review to maintain UAA/UA access.


Enable reinvestigations based on Critical Group status and activity expirations by sending a notification to flagged individuals, scheduling appropriate activities, and tracking the reinvestigation to completion.

In Processing

The In-Processing module coordinates the scheduling of activities for many individuals with its powerful best-fit algorithm, scheduling all activities in the shortest amount of time. In-Processing personnel can set up activities and manage the buildings, rooms, and computer stations where those activities take place. Activity proctors can manage rosters and completions with ease using a barcode scanner or mobile device.

Automatic Activity Scheduling

Optimize scheduling of individuals into training and activities prior to their arrival on site using best-fit algorithm to process a large number of individuals in the shortest possible time.

Building, Room, and Roster Management

Enable administrator configuration of the available buildings, rooms, and activities for scheduling and track the roster of individuals scheduled to attend each activity.


Training Activities and LMS Integration

Integrate  with your Learning Management System to ensure completion of training prior to work and schedule people into the best fit of classes to expedite training and reduce in processing time.


Batch Schedule Management

Perform batch updates to buildings, rooms, activities, and rosters to eliminate administrative burden.

Fitness for Duty


The FFD module ensures compliance to UAA/UA requirements by streamlining Follow Up Program testing and collection, Random Pools, Reinvestigations, Reassessments, and Medical Activity Tracking, including the ability to integrate with medical collection software.

Follow-Up Program

Maintain Follow Up program with the ability to add and remove individuals from the program, schedule chemical and follow-up tests, and notify FFD personnel.

Random Pools

Streamlined generation of random pools for chemical tests by number of employees or percentage of pool with the ability to differentiate between site or fleet pools.

Blind Sample Tracking

Provide FFD personnel the ability to track the required blind samples from collection to result.

Feature Summary

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