A properly managed long term asset management process is essential for safe, reliable, and cost-effective operation of a plant. ENGAGE: Finance™ allows you to take control of long term issues with unmatched flexibility as your process continues to improve.


ENGAGE: Finance consolidates and simplifies your business operations processes such as project management, budgeting, forecasting, and maintaining your long-range plan. It can be integrated with other financial systems to provide a complete view of both Capital and O&M spending. From daily outage cost and resource management to end-of-license plans, ENGAGE: Finance allows you to manage both the details of the near-term and uncertainty in the future.

When paired with ENGAGE: LCMTM, ENGAGE: Finance can track plant initiatives from idea to project completion. Both LCM and Finance feed the long-range plan, giving a better projection of future spending based on approved issues/initiatives, projects already in-progress, and O&M spending.


ENGAGE: Finance’s outage cost management tool allows you to track budgets, forecasts and actuals across any number of contracts on a daily basis to ensure every dollar is properly accounted for. Users build up the outage plan with available resources, hours, and rates, which can then be compared to the resource schedule from Work Management to ensure alignment. With the click of a button, daily cost reports can be generated for upper management quickly showing areas where spending is off-plan.


ENGAGE: Finance takes advantage of a number of features of Endevor’s ENGAGE platform including the flexible integration API, allowing for both automated and manual feeding of data from multiple sources, the E-Report reporting engine in which you can build your own reports, and the E-Center dashboard module where role-specific dashboards are available for all users.


The project management module of ENGAGE: Finance allows users to track their project budget, forecast, actual costs, and milestones, automatically calculating a number of standard project management PIs such as CPI and SPI, and allowing management to quickly see the status of the entire portfolio of projects. Each month, project managers are prompted to review the project forecast, ensuring accuracy going forward, creating a better forecast model over multiple time horizons.