We're Endevor.

We are a software development company focused on creating powerful, intuitive and extensible web-based applications for enterprises. Our team is highly experienced in building, deploying, and integrating web-based software for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Many enterprise applications are very difficult to learn and use. Very few adapt to your process in a suitable way. Endevor’s goal is to change this paradigm for enterprise software by increasing focus on the user experience. We build software that is easy to learn, enjoyable to use, while at the same time completely adaptable to changing business needs and continuously improving processes.

We achieve these objectives by focusing in three areas:


User Experience

From an idea on a whiteboard to the final software product, our team is focused on building software that is an extension of your natural thought process by combining consideration for your full business process with current best practices for user experience design.
Extensible Platform

Extensible Platform

You need software that is lightweight, cost-efficient, and flexible to adapt to evolving needs. Your IT department needs software that minimizes overhead and infrastructure costs. Endevor is committed to achieving both of these goals by providing a software platform that can easily adapt and grow with changing business needs.
User Community

User Community

Software needs to grow with the experience of the collective user community. Not only is it important for us to continuously interact with you, it’s important that you have the opportunity to build relationships with other users.

This is ENGAGE.

The realization of Endevor’s software vision is the ENGAGE platform. ENGAGE adds modern functionality to your existing software infrastructure, while also allowing us to quickly and cost-effectively build and deploy new, full-featured process-specific applications into that infrastructure. If you have a number of hard-to-use enterprise software tools you’re interacting with on a regular basis, keep reading.

This is ENGAGE.

ENGAGE is designed to enhance and extend your existing software infrastructure, helping you to extract more value from your investment. You are provided with more control to design and build reports, charts, lists, and other content from multiple sources of information, which you can further organize based on your role and interests. Since all of your data is now accessible in one place, most everyday tasks become much simpler.

Create and Share Content

Use information from any available data source to create charts, tables, and lists for your own use or to share among your peers.

Create Your Own Reports

The drag-and-drop report builder makes creating complex reports simple, without having to depend on busy IT personnel.

Information When and How You Want it

ENGAGE content is Mobile-optimized, providing you with updates to important items on a phone or tablet when you’re not at your desk.

All of Your Notifications in One Place

Step beyond your inbox with notifications of important information that can be tagged for further analysis and shared with others.

Replace your complicated Excel-based Applications

Create full-featured software applications powered by ENGAGE to track and trend important data, eliminating dependencies on Access and Excel.

Spend Less Time on Meeting Prep

Create meeting agendas with data from multiple sources in ENGAGE and generate a PowerPoint presentation with one click.

These are ENGAGE Apps.

ENGAGE Apps are built on the ENGAGE software platform, providing the process-specific functionality you need, PLUS all of the power of ENGAGE: Centralized Reporting, Notifications, Dashboard Content Creation and Meeting Management. Whether you work in Engineering, Education, Business Management or IT, there is an ENGAGE app to fit your needs.

ENGAGE is designed to enhance your existing applications by focusing on broadly applicable tasks like reporting, dashboards, notifications, list management, and meeting preparation. But what about when you have a specific process you need software to manage? Since a majority of the functionality of a traditional software package is already included in ENGAGE, these products can be configured and integrated quickly with lower implementation and maintenance costs than typically associated with traditional applications.

Built on proven technology.

ENGAGE is built on the proven Microsoft technology stack, with a foundation of ASP.NET and C#. The model is aligned with your existing IT infrastructure, and scales according to your needs. ENGAGE software supports both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server for data storage, and can integrate and inter-operate with other industry standard database platforms.


ENGAGE is entirely run from a web browser, and does not require any additional software to be installed on client devices. Our team has implemented the latest in web-application design techniques, including responsive design, which ensures that the software adapts to any screen resolution you may be using. ENGAGE is also device-optimized, providing you with the best possible experience whether you’re using a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Implementation and custom work? We do that too.

Custom Reports, Powered by ENGAGE

It can be difficult to get the data you need out of your existing software, especially as business needs change. Reports provided within the software may no longer reflect the information you need to perform your job well. Endevor can quickly create both simple and complex reports which are easily added to the existing software infrastructure via the E-Report engine. We are also highly experienced in building reports within existing enterprise platforms such as IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, and Crystal Reports.

Exceeding your expectations for software delivery

The Endevor team has over 30 years of combined experience performing large-scale software implementation projects. Let us help you implement your software solutions, whether it’s ENGAGE or other software products. From project management and requirements gathering to custom software development and data integration, our team has the experience needed to exceed your expectations for software delivery.

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